Zac Brown Lays Off 90% Of Touring Staff, Tells Young People To “Wake Up”

The threat of the coronavirus has had some devastating effects on the concert business, and Zac Brown just revealed how bad things really are. A tearful Zac took to social media to reveal he had to let go “90 percent" of his touring crew, since he was forced to postpone his spring “Owl Tour” dates.

Zac also took some time to blast younger folks who may not be taking things seriously. “To the people who are out partying or sitting on beaches, and the people that don’t care if they get this virus or bring it home to their grandparents, and maybe kill their grandparents or complicate their lives,” he shares, “The longer that America doesn’t take this seriously and doesn’t stay in and try to contain this, the longer that everyone will be without jobs.”

He adds. “If we’re going to get back to doing whatever we were doing before this hit, everyone’s got to take this seriously.” 

  • Zac also blamed the country’s leaders for lack of an adequate response. “We’re late to the game,” he says. “I’m pretty ashamed of the way that our leadership has handled all of this. I’m pretty ashamed of a lot of things. We can’t rely on our government to tell people what they need to do.” 

Source: Zac Brown

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