Maren Morris & Ryan Hurd Share Video For “Chasing After You”

As we told you, Maren Morris and hubby Ryan Hurd released their new collaboration, “Chasing After You,” and followed it up with a new video, in which they show off their obvious chemistry. 

“It’s amazing to finally be able to do a song with Maren,” Ryan shares, “we’ve worked together, and we’ve written together, and we met each other writing songs, and we’ve sung on each other’s records, but this is the first time we’ve ever gotten to do a song this forward facing, which is fun.” 

Interestingly, Maren and Ryan didn’t actually write “Chasing After you,” which Ryan notes, “should tell you how much we actually love it.”

Maren adds, “we really I guess heard ourselves in the lyrics and it just still rang true today,” noting, “I feel like whether you’ve been with someone for two seconds or twenty years, you’re always longing for them.” 

  • ONE MORE THING! Ryan shared a sweet post to his wife on Valentine’s Day, sharing a picture of them lying down in their “Chasing After You” video. “This is how tired we usually are,” he writes. “Last year she was 8 months pregnant, this year we’re chasing that kid around and falling asleep before 9. Nothing more rock and roll than that,” adding, “Wouldn’t change a thing, truly the most special year of my life. I love you @marenmorris, Happy Valentine’s day to everyone!" Maren also shared a post, featuring Ryan and son Hayes. Check them out below:




Source: Ryan Hurd