Kelsea Ballerini’s Old Condo Featured A Wall Of Celeb Signatures

Kelsea Ballerini and hubby Morgan Evans recently moved into a new home, which means they had to say goodbye to a very unique part of their old condo. In a recent interview she shared that several famous stars actually signed a wall in the home, which she had to paint over before she moved.

Kelsea says it started with Ed Sheeran signing the wall, and then Luke Combs did it, noting, “it just became a thing.” “Anyone that came over would sign this wall or write a little message,” she says. “It was like our wall of fame and then we moved so we had to paint over it. It was a sad day.”

Kelsea adds that she “loved having it,” and is even considering doing it again in her new place. “It was a fun thing for people to come sign but also I just loved having it for memories,” she says. “So yes, I’m gonna start it now.”

  • ONE MORE THING! Kelsea’s latest single, “Hole in the Bottle,” tops the Mediabase/Country Aircheck chart this week. “two minutes and thirty-four seconds of witty, drunken escapism called “hole in the bottle” is now officially the number one song in the country this week,” she shares. “I hope this one has made you smile, dance around your kitchens, and take the edge off of a very odd and hard last few months. I LOVE YOU. THANK YOU. CHEERS.”


Source: CMT