Jordan Davis Doesn’t Plan To Grow Back His Big Beard

As we told you, Jordan Davis recently dropped the video for “Almost Maybes,” and fans may have noticed that he shaved off that big beautiful beard for the flashback clips. Well,  it sounds like he doesn’t plan to go as extreme with his facial hair anymore. 

“I don’t think I’m going to go back to where I was at (with the beard),” he says. “Now that I’ve shaved the beard, I get a lot of photos from fans from meet-and-greets or whatever, and even I look at some of those photos and I’m like, ‘Oh, what was I thinking?” 

Jordan admits it’s “tough” for him to look back at photos with the big beard, and that includes his wedding photos, noting that he now sees that the beard was “massive.”

  • But judging by Instagram photos, Jordan has already grown back some of his facial hair, just not as much. “I definitely like having a beard. I’ll never be a clean-shaven guy,” he says. “So, maybe somewhere in between caveman and where I’m at now I think is a good spot for the beard.” 
  • ONE MORE THING! Jordan just posted a cover of the Zac Brown Band song “Colder Weather,” noting, “Would have been more appropriate last week…But the song is still just as good.” 

Source: Jordan Davis