Tyler Hubbard’s Wife Reveals Name Of Their Baby-To-Be

Florida Georgia Line’s Tyler Hubbard and wife Hayley are expecting a baby boy in August, and now the couple’s revealed the name they’ve chosen for their son – Luca Reed.

“Luca is a name we loved and it means ‘bringer of light,’” Hayley tells “People.” “It also reminds us of Italy, which is one of our happy places!” As for his middle name, Hayley shares, “Reed is Tyler’s middle name, and we wanted Luca to have a little piece of Tyler in his name.”

Interestingly, the couple originally thought their first child was going to be a boy, although it turned out to be a girl (daughter Olivia). Hayley says Luca is actually not the name they had planned for the original baby. She notes, “For some reason, that name just didn’t seem to fit the way Luca did.”

Source: People