Thomas Rhett Shares Songs For Dads On Instagram

Thomas Rhett continues to share new music on Instagram. The latest is a tune called “Things Dads Do,” which he says he had planned to share on Father’s Day.

Thomas wrote the song with his pop, Rhett Akins, and says it’s “for my dad and all that dads out there.”

This is just one of many songs Thomas has shared since the coronavirus quarantine began. Others include "What's Your Country Song," "Country Again" and more. 

  • ONE MORE THING! Thomas’ latest single is “Be A Light” and that’s exactly what he tries to be every day. “One way I try to be a light for people is really just to lead by example,” he says. “I really take pride in the way that I like to put positive, uplifting lyrics in my songs and really try to make sure that my music is suited for all ages and all ears.”

Source: Thomas Rhett 

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