Sugarland Responds To School Shootings With “Tuesday’s Broken”

has given fans another taste of their new album “Bigger,” which drops Friday. The latest is the song “Tuesday’s Broken,” which touches on the recent rash of school shootings in this country.

Jennifer Nettles notes that while songs like “Tuesday’s Broken” are about serious subjects, their album “Bigger” isn’t preachy. She says the record does contain “messages of hope and healing, of invitations to ask questions, of offerings and invitations to maybe see things differently,” adding, “I think the world right now is in such a place to need to hear certain messages and I hope that we have offered them the right ones.”

As for the decision to include such messages, Kristian Bush adds, “I think it snuck up on us. But, as usual, when you feel something like that happen, you kind of lean into it.”

Source: Sugarland