Sia, Portugal. The Man, Midland & More Set For Save The Children Album

Sia, Portugal. The Man and more have contributed songs to a new album raising money for Save The Children. “At Home with the Kids,” dropping August 28th, will feature 23 kid-friendly songs.

Other artists on the album include Christina Perri, Tove Lo, Chromeo, Anderson East, Midland, Matt Meson, A Thousand Horses and more. Check out the track list below:

  • Portugal. The Man, "Tomorrow"
  • Sia, "Riding On My Bike"
  • Royal & the Serpent, "The ABC Song"
  • Shelley FKA DRAM, "Twinkle Twinkle Little Star"
  • Chromeo, "Georgy Porgy"
  • Kyle, "Pickle"
  • Anderson East, "I Ain't No Zebra I'm a Bumblebee"
  • Gnash, "Night Night"
  • Christina Perri, "It's a Small World"
  • Ema Jo Cobb, "Hawaii"
  • Midland, "Farmer John"
  • Ben Abraham, "Eat Your Food"
  • Charlotte Cardin, "Hush Little Baby"
  • Charlotte Lawrence, "Lavender's Blue"
  • IV Jay, "Rock A Bye Baby"
  • Matt Maeson, "Giants"
  • Chloe Moriondo, "Oh My Darling Clementine"
  • A/J from Saint Motel, "Big Ol World"
  • A Thousand Horses, "The Golden Rule"
  • Aaron Raitiere, "If You Love Yo Mama"
  • The Knocks, "Star Design"
  • Tove Lo, "Buzz Buzz Hop Hop"
  • Winona Oak, "Who Can Sail"

Source: Billboard