New Sugarland Video Features Homewrecker Taylor Swift

Sugarland just dropped their “Mad Men” inspired video for “Babe,” featuring appearances by Taylor Swift and “Superman” star Brandon Routh.

In the clip, which was actually filmed on the “Mad Men” set, Swift plays a redheaded bad girl who has an affair with Jennifer Nettles’ hubby (Routh), wrecking Nettles’ picture-perfect life. But the clip isn’t a complete downer. It ends with Nettles celebrating her freedom from her cheating hubby, while Swift’s homewrecker is left all alone. 

Believe it or not, the idea for Swift to play the temptress was all hers. Jennifer tells “People,” “She actually reached out to us and said, ‘I’ve got a great idea for the video,’ and she wrote the treatment.” Kristian Bushadds, “And we looked at it and said, ‘Oh my gosh, this is awesome.’” Check it out above.

Source: People