Kelsea Ballerini Had A Bat In Her House And She Live Tweeted About It

Kelsea Ballerini and husband Morgan Evans had an unwanted guest in their house earlier this week. Kelsea shared via Twitter that the pair was forced to deal with a bat that somehow got into their bedroom, and apparently the bat won.

“Just as @Morgan_Evans & I got all cozy in bed, a BAT flew out of SOMEWHERE in the BEDROOM and now we can’t get him OUT and although he’s little and cute he’s STILL HERE,” she tweeted. She then shared a video of Morgan trying to coax the little devil out, noting, “This has gone on for an HOUR.”

Kelsea went on to live tweet all that was going on, sharing, “I just put out water for the bat because 1) I want to coax him out of his hiding spot and 2) I feel SAD THAT HES HAD TO FLY SO AIMLESSLY FOR AN HOUR AND HES PROBABLY PARCHED I am unstable.” More than an hour later the bat still wasn’t gone, with Kelsea noting, “Update- still in the room, bat is tired, we are tired, it’s a standoff. WHO WILL BREAK. me. That’s who.”

  • Finally she gave fans a bat update yesterday, sharing, “For those asking, Im 99% sure the bat flew out overnight whilst it had full ownership of the entire upstairs and we had the couch,” adding, “I can’t confirm, but it’s looking promising. Thanks for your concern. It looks like we finally won the BATtle. 🦇.” 

Source: Kelsea Ballerini