Garth Brooks Talks New Single, And Teases More News To Come

Garth Brooks returned with another edition of “Inside Studio G,” where he, of course, talked about his new single “All Day Long,” which is the most added song on country radio for the entire year. 

Garth revealed that his favorite part of “All Day Long” is the fiddle on the record and adds that he loves how country the record is, noting it “feels great.” He also talked about the song “The Road I’m On,” which fans can get if they pre-order Garth’s album, and even hinted that folks who ordered the record will get more in the months to come, with Garth adding, “I’m really fired up about the music.”

Garth also shared that he has some new plans for subscribers of his G-Mail, suggesting that they soon may be getting discounts, or stuff before other fans can get their hands on, possibly even for free. He also teased something called the “Diamond Series,” which has something to do with the “Housekeeping” portion of his shows, and suggests that those G-Mail subscribers may be the ones getting first access to it.

  • And finally, Garth shared that he’ll be having a big announcement on July 9th, hinting that it has to do with upcoming concerts, joking that fans are “going to find out how many front rows there are” at his new shows.

Source: Garth Brooks