Fans Not Happy About Wrangler’s Collab With Lil Nas X

Lil Nas X has teamed with Wrangler for a capsule collection inspired by his number one hit “Old Town Road,” but it seems some country music fans aren’t exactly down with it.

Apparently some are calling for a boycott of Wrangler, suggesting that “True cowboys” wouldn’t wear such clothes, or listen to the country-inspired rapper.

“This is how you lose customers,” one person commented, while many noted they already boycotted Levi because of their anti-gun stance and will now do the same with Wrangler. “I went all Wrangler when Levi went anti gun because wrangler was the true Cowboy brand,” one person wrote, “but of course they can’t stay true to their consumers and try to appease totally different audience that had to google what wrangler was…”

Meanwhile, others suggested the complaints were “racist,” with one person noting, “You ppl are talking as if wrangler only make clothes for the ones who live that ‘cowboy’ lifestyle, grow tf up! there’s money to be made out here.”

Source: New York Post