Dan + Shay On The Inspiration Behind “Glad You Exist”

As we told you, Dan + Shay just released their new song “Glad You Exist,” and they are opening up about the inspiration behind the tune. 

“I had the phrase ‘glad you exist’ written down in my phone, and I always caught myself saying it to my wife, just being appreciative that she is on this planet at the same time that I’m on this planet,” Dan Smyers shares with “The Country Daily.” “I brought it to Shay and we started kicking around ideas, we thought it would be a really cool song.”

He adds, “[It] turned into just a message about how grateful we are for everybody in our lives — our friends, our families, our fans,” noting, that with the past year “it’s taken on new meaning or us.”

  • ONE MORE THING! Dan + Shay has shared a new clip of them singing along to “Glad You Exist” with their families, and it’s in respose to all the fans who have let them know how they’ve connected to the tune. “seeing all the photos, videos, and stories of how y’all are connecting with glad you exist has truly meant SO much to us the last couple days,” they share. “even though we can’t be together in person (yet, but hopefully soon), we’ve felt more connected than ever before.” 

Source: The Country Daily

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