Carly Pearce Drops New Song “Next Girl”

Carly Pearce is back with new music. The singer just released the new tune “Next Girl,” where she sings of a bad relationship filled with “red flags.”

“We live in a world where there are so many smooth-talking guys who're so quick to sweep you off your feet – and they always have a story about the girl before," Carly, who split from hubby Michael Ray earlier this year, shares. "So when we were asking ourselves, 'What would Patty Loveless do?' We figured not only would she warn the girl, she'd turn over all the cards: how he works, how he talks about the old girlfriend, what he'll do once he's got her."

In describing the song on Instagram Carly notes, “This is the music that flows through my blood, that comes out of my pores. It’s everything I love-- and loved --- all in one song, and when it’s rushing by, it just feels good.” 

Source: Yahoo