Brad Paisley Drops New Song “Off Road”

Brad Paisley is back with new music. The singer just dropped the new tune “Off Road.”

“It’s about every girl who won’t stay in her lane, every girl that busts through roadblocks to get where she wants to go,” Brad shares. “You know who you are.” 

The song is the first new single from Brad since the release of “No I In Beer” this past summer.  

  • ONE MORE THING! Brad stopped by “The Kelly Clarkson Show” yesterday, where he talked about his love of pranks. Brad admits he can be “brutal” and believe it or not he says it started when he was just five year’s old. He says his grandfather was watching him for New Year’s Eve and he wanted to stay up, so when at one point his grandfather had asked if his mother ever drank, Brad decided he was going to use that as a way to stay up. Brad notes, “I basically had him convinced that my mother, who never drinks, was a total alcoholic.”
  • When his parents came home and he was still awake they couldn’t understand why and Brad said it was “because of you,” and then grandpa started to come down on his mom for her drinking, who pleaded with Brad to tell him it wasn’t true, but all he said was “I wish I could.”
  • Brad admits the whole thing was “terrible,” and says, “I got in so much trouble, but I learned a valuable less that day, and it’s stick with a joke for as long as you possibly can.”

Source: Brad Paisley