Aubrie Sellers Drops Cover Of Chris Isaak’s “Wicked Games”

Aubrie Sellers is set to release her new EP “World on Fire” on August 7th, and she just shared one of the songs that will be on it, a cover of the Chris Isaak classic “Wicked Games.”

Aubrie recorded the DIY EP alongside her guitarist and boyfriend Ethan Ballinger, telling “Rolling Stone” that they had “been wanting to make something together.”

“We recorded this in the midst of a difficult period in our lives, and it was a way for us to remember the joy of making music just for the sake of making music, not knowing what we would do with it or where it would land,” she shares. “We took these songs that I’ve loved forever and put a lot of ourselves in them. This project gave us hope and reprieve in a time that was challenging, and I hope it can do that for whoever is listening through this tough time as well.”

Source: Rolling Stone