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Ways To Boost Your Brain In 10 Minutes

There’s this idea that we don’t have to worry about brain health when we’re young and that there’s no reason to work on improving it once we get older. But research shows we can change our brains no matter how old we are. Neurologist Kristen Willeumier says even in your 80s, you can still improve cognitive health and function and that if we take care of the brain, it’ll help us stay sharp. “No brain left behind,” she tells her patients. “We can make your brain better, no matter what your age is.”

Lady A Invited To Join The Grand Ole Opry

Lady A has just reached another career milestone. While taping a performance for the upcoming NBC special on the 95th anniversary of the Grand Ole Opry, Darius Rucker came out to invite them to join the prestigious institution.

Tennessee Take Steps To Honor Dolly Parton With A Statue

Dolly Parton may soon be recognized with a statue in Tennessee. Rep. John Mark Windle recently introduced legislation that would create a fund to pay for the design, construction, establishment and maintenance of a Dolly statue at the Tennessee Capitol.

Blake Shelton Drops “Minimum Wage”

Blake Shelton has officially dropped his latest single, “Minimum Wage.” As we previously told you, Blake initially debuted the tune on NBC’s New Year’s Eve special, but received backlash for what many felt was a “tone deaf” tune.

Mitchell Tenpenny Drops Video For “Bucket List”

Mitchell Tenpenny just dropped a new video for his latest single “Bucket List.” The video was recorded while Mitchell traveled to Arizona where he stopped by some bucket list destinations like the Grand Canyon, Sedona, Monument Valley and more.

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